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Mini Miss Diamond N.West Leah

Leah is a bright bubbly 3 year old that has spent most her life growing up in Nottingham. Leah’s life has not been very simple due to being born premature Leah was very poorly and spent 16 weeks in hospital. Despite still having health problems Leah enjoys life to the fullest, she lives at home with her mom, dad and her 2 brothers and 1 sister. Leah really enjoys doing her modelling and has recently taken up pageants to which she has won many crow...

Junior Diamond S.E. London Renay

Junior Diamond S.E London Hi my name is Renay I'm 10 years old and i live in London with my mum, dad and my three brothers! I have a cat called Leo and i love him to bits, I think i love all animals but cats have to be my favorite! I have lots of hobbies including arts and crafts, modelling, singing and dancing, writing stories and designing clothes and so much more. I love sports, at school I'm on the girls football team, the athletics team ...

Junior Diamond Hampshire Lucy

Mini Miss Diamond Hampshire Lucy Lucy is 7 years old. She goes to New town primary school and is in year 2. Lucy is autistic but doesn't let this stop achieving her dreams shes a polite caring young lady who loves raising money for charity and helping those less fortunate than herself. This will be her second naturel pageant. Lucy would like to thank you for letting her join this journey xx