Hi There. Im Joanne, I am 51 years old and I am from a small town in Hampshire,where i live with my 24 year old daughter; Chloe, who is also competing in the pageant.I won my place in Miss Diamond UK at the Essex Heat, So therfore i am your Classic Diamond Essex…although I’m probably not quite as glamourous as the ladies from essex; My daughter has to teach me how to do my make up and hair all glamourously! Im just getting the hang of gluing on false lashes now! so Im learning! Hair is more my Forte; as I have been in the hairdressing trade for over 35years. I have many hobbies such as Reading, Gardening, Sewing/Dress Making, Knitting and Singing. I am part of a choir which i attend weekly, we do regular performances to raise funds for local charities. I absolutely love it. I’m also a keen dancer,I enjoy all styles of dance, but particularly like ceroc. I sort of fell into pageants through my daughter Chloe, whom I’ve watched compete in Diamond for a couple of years now, and I’ve seen the confidence it can build in people and the friendships you make through pageants, So with a bit of persuasion I decided to give it a go myself..after a tough few years I could definitely do with the boost! I’m really looking forward to the finals!