Classic Diamond Sussex Dawn

My name is Dawn Ellman-Baker and I am 53 -I think……because I stopped counting after 35!!!! I have two girls – Chloe age 18 and Sienna 13 who’s going on 18! I have two cats – Willow is a fluffy Persian rag doll – so laid back she often looks dead as she lies completely still with her legs in the air- we’ve buried her twice but she just digs her way out when she wakes up! and Socks who is a stray we tamed after she was dumped as a kitten- she must have fended for herself for a while as her second name is ‘the killer cat’ ….watch out mice! and a Pomeranian dog called Bentley- the man in my life. Oh and then there’s my long suffering husband who has put up with me for 21years …so far! He complained there were far too many female hormones in our household so I bought Bentley and we have been inseparable ever since! He’s unfortunately not too keen on Darren! When I was younger I always said I wanted to find a rich young man who liked cooking, washing and ironing!……just so you are aware -I’m still looking as I don’t think they exist My hobbies are archeology and archery … sorry that’s a lie they are drinking wine and lying in the sunshine- I probably should live abroad I could do the latter much more than I can in England! I like pottering around the garden pointing out the weeds that my husband has missed and I hate doing any of the girls homework mainly because I can’t! I work in promotions selling anything from tea to cars and I love it because I’m never in the same place twice? I’m not sure whether that’s a good or a bad sign ? My philosophy of life is to be happy and to make others happy too- if someone doesn’t have a smile I try to give them one of mine as I buy in bulk! My girls are the most precious God given gift I have – Chloe is sensible and has me sussed now she has been doing psychology A-level for two years- I can’t pronounce what she’s diagnosed me with but apparently there is no known cure! Sienna takes after me….amazing! No that’s wrong – I mean naughty and has me in stitches with her weird sense of humour! Did I say she took after me?!? Well to sum up we are pretty normal 2.2 children and a dog – never did understand that .2 of a child but he ho! My chosen charity is St Barnabas – I can’t thank them enough for the care and support they gave both my parents and all those around them including family and friends at such a difficult time- the staff are worth their weight in gold. In the past I have done a parachute jump for charity wearing pink from head to toe- but I unfortunately ended up way off course in a field full of sheep but it got the charity in the papers! There wasn’t much pink in the end of jump photos- but no animals were harmed! I have been helping Chloe with her money raising events over the years and have thoroughly enjoy supporting her. I find myself entered into this competition due to my daughter encouraging me and me promising to enter if she won Miss Teen Diamond UK. I am now looking forward to raising charitable funds in my own right for causes close to my heart. I am also looking forward to meeting the lovely friendly girls that participated in the pageant in May- the organisers Tina and Danni are friends to all the girls and I can’t wait to be one of them and be part of their fabulous event.