I’m Debbie, 49 yr old mum with two adult children and my baby boy ‘Toby’ my choccy Labrador. I consider myself very lucky to have a wonderful career supporting and empowering others which started out in nursing, community advocacy work, social care, housing and for the last eight years in management.

Like most people my life hasn’t been without personal challenges of family loss, abusive relationships and being diagnosed with Bi-Polar. It was at this point of my life my daughter introduced me to the world of pageantry, something I had never considered or even thought of doing due to my age….. I’m so glad my daughter did! I have a lot still to learn and goals to strive for but I can’t express enough how empowered It has made me feel and has made me embrace my femininity, something I had forgotten… hidden due to pressures of society and work thinking it was my weakness…. how silly!

As women our femininity is our greatest strength and more so when we are empowering other women along our personal journey. I’m working hard to be the best version of myself both inside and out and sharing this experience with like minded girls & women is so special.