Junior Diamond S.E London

Hi my name is Renay I’m 10 years old and i live in London with my mum, dad and my three brothers!

I have a cat called Leo and i love him to bits, I think i love all animals but cats have to be my favorite!

I have lots of hobbies including arts and crafts, modelling, singing and dancing, writing stories and designing clothes and so much more. I love sports, at school I’m on the girls football team, the athletics team and cross country!

At home I help to look after my mum as she has been quite ill for the last four years with her heart and lungs she has a condition we dont know much about called Adult Onset Stills Disease.

The other thing i love is my friends! They are just the best friends I could ever have, my very best friend is called Daisy and we do everything together we are so alike.

I used to be quite shy but I think that’s getting better recently, I’m really looking forward to the pageants and hopefully making lots of new friends.