Miss Diamond Kent Sofia

As a little girl I always dreamed of becoming a real-life princess but suffered terribly with my nerves , confidence and was told I would never achieve my dreams. But with sheer determination and positivity that I discovered throughout pageantry I am now a changed individual. Throughout my years of competing in pageants I have worked and raised not only money but awareness for various charities such as Headway in which my dad is a surviving brain injury client, The pilgrims hospice, BEAT bringing to light the difficulties that people with eating disorders face daily and also fields of life which is a charitable organisation helping to raise funds for a village in Uganda to build a well that provides clean drinking water for up to 20 years. Charity work will always have a special place in my heart and over the years I have raised £10,000 among these charities. I am very privileged to be able to raise funds and awareness for Julia’s house which is such an incredible organisation helping sick children and their families. Other than making public appearances and charity work I am also very interested in sewing and have a passion for fashion! I think being able to express yourself through pieces of clothing is incredible and can really show your personality!I can’t wait to compete in the Miss diamond UK finals and despite only being part of this system for a very short period of time I have already created strong bonds with the other contestants. Also being able to compete alongside my beautiful mother is an honour and a blessing thank you for this opportunity!