This is Leigh’s second time entering a pageant and her eyes are on the prize. This from ‘rags to riches’
contestant wants to encourage individuals to never give up on their dreams especially when times are
hard, trying and they cant see an end to struggles or pressure.
Homeless at 18 she had to quickly learn to stand on her own two feet in the world and fend for herself
which lead her on the journey to the modelling and acting career she has now. Never giving up is her
mentality and hard work her key to success.
Leigh found that as she went through school and her teens, she never had a role model to inspire or
encourage her; even one to relate to and found herself alone.
“Its hard growing up with ASD and being on the spectrum; never having someone to talk to
without being told you’re an idiot, weirdo or freak at school and I just wanted some one I could
connect with, someone to open up to and not feel alone and isolated. Modern role models I feel
are people who have faced adversity, struggles in life and overcome the walls put in front of
them like Robert Downey JR, Eminem and Linkin park’s. To be abandoned and thrown out like
trash at 18 was hard and the lowest point in my life. I was broken inside and I had no idea how
to get a place of my own, how to survive and feel safe with no roof over my head – but I worked
hard, used my head and I got to where I am today always aiming to keep reaching forward and
climb higher to achieve my dream and inspire others to do the same.”
Leigh hopes her athletic figure and curves will help her in the UK finals and she has been training for
two and a half years with an MMA Personal Trainer and coach to loose over 4 and a half stone and go
from a full figured size 18 to be a runway ready size 10 for the show. She loves Sports and getting
involved in team activities and events where she can put her skills and knowledge to the test and hopes
her big smile and real natural curls will most definitely help her stand out in the crowd.
“There are youths, teens and even adults out there that are alone and alienated in the world
asking why and looking for someone they can relate to and connect with. All I wanted when I
was at my lowest was some one to talk to and give me a hug. I want to be an ambassador and
person out there that stands up and says you’re not alone and im here to listen and if you need
it give you a hug.”
“I hope if I can win the UK Mrs Diamond finals I can fulfil another dream and use Mrs Diamond
as a platform and beacon to encourage others not just in England but around the world to keep
smiling, follow there dreams and know that some one out there is thinking about you and I cant
wait to see how far you go and the story you get to tell from the adventures you’ve had. x”
Leigh has a love of writing Comics, manga’s and stories for children and adults and wants to one
day become published.
“It was the ability to go into my head and escape that helped me when I was young and I feel it is why I am very
creative now; to create other worlds – big and small, different characters and their stories and adventures. Even
now; I love to do and ‘escaping’ for me when writing is like going to a place like harry potter’s world or Sword
Art online’s and running around. Thinking of how I can share with others one day these stories fills me with
excitement and energy.”
“I also love to step out of my comfort zone and try new things and experience’s in the world; I find
trying out different activities and areas can pave the way to new skills and new methods of
approaching things that you may come across in life growing up and show you how to overcome and
deal with them.”