Mrs/Ms Diamond Finalist Sasha

I’m Sasha and will be 42 by the finals. My daughter started pageants with Miss Diamond in June 2016 and was bitten by the bug. In February 2017 I was coerced into my first pageant which was the Miss Diamond SE heat (I was runner up) I have competed in a few pageants since and recently won the Ms/Mrs Diamond East Anglia heat.

I am a carer to my son, 6 who has severe and complex medical issues and profound learning disabilities caused by a rare genetic condition. He requires 24/7 awake care so we have a team of carer’s and are supported by 2 local hospices. I also have complex medical issues and use a wheelchair frequently. I’ve had 6 major surgeries on my back which ultimately failed and has left serious nerve damage. I’m hoping to get spinal cord stimulation therapy soon. I’ve enrolled to start a MSc in Genomic medicine part time, in January and volunteer weekly for SWAN UK as a parent rep. I’m also learning to silversmith as I’m a magpie for sparkly things.