Mrs/Ms Diamond Midlands Jennifer

My name is Jennifer and I am an award winning Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant. I am very creative and love Fashion with passion. I enjoy the styling so much that I brought this in different parts of my life. I have been showcased twice on TV with my creative and visionable talent. Also I had a TV interview with Ian Turner, the Royal Photographer about my inspirational work and my charitable engagement. I raised a lot of awareness and money for different charities over the years. From early age I have stand up to help others and this is a massive part of me and my personality.

I started to model in the age of 40 and have specialized in Vintage, Period/Pin up, Hats and Fashion. I am unique and versatile and love bringing it in front of the camera. From modelling I have started the pageantry only 2.5 years ago and discovered the Glam on stage but hard work off stage, which i am passionate about it. I won loads of local & national charity pageants during the time and I won 2 regional Titles and 1 UK Title as Woman Crown and Glory Charity 2017/2018. During my journey through the pageant world, one of the most important things I have valued is the spirit, the harmony and the friendship I have made with fellow contestants and beauty queens, who have inspired me. Your Mrs Diamond Midlands Jennifer