Mrs/Ms Diamond Warwickshire Chelsie

Hello my name is Chelsie, I am 28 years old. By day I am Chelsie a client service manager for an insurance company. By night and most of the weekend I am Firefighter Griffin for Warwickshire Fire and Rescue service.
My Academic achievements are something I am very proud to have as I have always struggled through- out my time within education. It was not until my 2nd year that we discovered I have the learning disability Dyspraxia. But I live by the motto a quitter never wins and a winner never quits. I have achieved 12 GCSE’s A-C grade and 3 A-levels at C grade. I have also achieved a Joint Honours degree in Education Studies and Sociology from The University of Derby. During my time at University I was voted as a non-cabinet member of our union council which allowed me to get to know my fellow student and lecturers but most importantly help improve the university experience academically and socially.
During my time in education I have been bullied for the way I look. Even at university I was bullied for putting on weight. Through-out these experiences I have battled through it and I feel it has made be a stronger person. I am training hard to get to that place I want to be.
During my time at school I was lucky enough to have a part time job which allowed me to save up and pay for two school Skiing trips. I learnt to ski on the amazing slopes of Austria and a year later I got to experience the amazing slopes of Big Bear in America.
Since the age of 3 I have participated in many different styles of dance including: ballet, tap, modern, acro, street and stage. From the age of 14 I helped form and run a cheerleading squad called “The Kittens” we created our own routines and performed for an American football team called “The Coventry Jaguars” who later changed to “The Coventry Jets”. I then helped form a junior team called “The Kool Kits” who came third in their first competition with a routine I choreographed. My love for cheerleading has stayed with me all the way to University where I joined “The Derby Ravens” in my second year I was voted head coach allowing me to improve my knowledge and love of the sport. In my third year I was voted President of the squad. The skills I learnt in this year were invaluable helping me to be in charge but also part of a great team.
November 2011 I began taking kickboxing lessons at “Maverick Freestyle The Black Belt Academy” to learn how to defend myself and to help tone up. Since then I have reached the grade of yellow belt and I am proud to say represented Great Britain as part of Team GBR in the world championships in August 2012. My other talents include acting which I have loved since childhood where I would find any excuse to perform for people. I have been fortunate enough to continue my love of acting by being an extra in an Alton Towers advert for their new rollercoaster “Galactica”, I am also an extra in two films to be released in 2018 “Journeyman” by Paddy Considine and the Morrissey biopic “England is Mine” to be released in August 2017. I have also starred in The Hinckley Pantomime Companies production of “The frog Prince” as the good fairy (the narrator who helps the Frog Prince along the way). I have also starred as the Mermaid Miranda in the 2018 pantomime “Robinson Crusoe” which I loved!
In 2018 I fulfilled my ambition to become a fire fighter! I love working in an environment which is different every day and having the chance to help people and make a difference not just in their lives but in my local community.
An ambition I have had from a very young age is to travel across the world. In 2014 I was lucky enough to take a trip on my own and explore Thailand, Cambodia and Fiji for four months. These countries are so beautiful, not just in their locations but in the people and their cultures. The experiences I have had, have given me memories to last a lifetime. Not just from visiting temples or swimming with sharks and eating local cuisine but the people I met. My description would not do it any justice, but the pictures I took did capture a small amount of its beauty. I am currently saving to travel back to Thailand to see more of this stunning country and its islands.
I have entered the pageants over the years with no intention of winning but for the fun of competing. I have made so many friends through-out the competitions and had so many great experiences that I just wanted to continue as a hobby.

However I have seen from my sister and her friends the lack of role models that they have, I want to inspire her and others to have dreams and have goals and ambitions in life and to not stop until you achieve them. That it does not matter what age you are, what size you are or how you look! You can achieve anything if you set your mind to it and believe in yourself as well as supporting others. Because if we all work together there is nothing that we cannot achieve. 

I’m Chelsie Griffin and I’m honoured to be your Ms/Mrs Diamond Warwickshire 2018/19