My name is Gerda and I am 26 years old – I have a beautiful son called Caleb who is 5 in June.Becoming a mother has been the most amazing and rewarding thing to ever happen to me and I am so proud of the amazing little boy that myself and his dad created.This will be my first pageant to take part in as I unexpectedly received my place to the finals by winning a Miss Photogenic Competition. I have been considering taking part in pageants this year to try something new and push myself out of my comfort zone and gain new experiences and friends so the timing for this is perfect. I won’t lie I am rather nervous about the finals due to my lack of experience however extremely excited too.In my spare time I do modelling and take part in Charity events such as fashion shows, balls and photoshoots. It would be amazing to win the crown as with the diamond title I could organise my own events and fundraisers locally and further afield. I have a huge passion for helping animals,children and the environment and therefore my chosen charities to focus on would be to help abused or neglected animals and children and a charity to help the environment. I would just love a chance to make a difference in the community.