Hiya!I am Amelia Louise Hart and I am 15 years old. I live in Somerset with my mum and I am currently studying my GCSEs. I want to do science A levels as I want to be a Vet, specialising in Raptors, which are birds of prey like owls, hawks and eagles. I have always loved animals and we have a rescue Spanish Water Dog called Maisie, three rescue cats , and rare breed chickens which I enjoy showing. I am a qualified junior hen judge and we specialise in Hamburghs. I used to have snakes too- a huge Python called Lola and corn snakes, but I made the hard decision to give them up as I need to study. I also enjoy Volleyball and play for Taunton at County level, with training twice a week. We’re hoping to get through to the UK Women’s Nationals in April. I was badly bullied at my previous school and was really always a bit of a geeky, lanky, tomboy! I preferred to hang around with my animals rather than people as I was shy and had little self- confidence. I was always in jeans and never even wore make-up before my first pageant! (A good friend helped me out) My Mum spotted the Miss Diamond competition and I entered it in 2017 as Miss Somerset. I was surprised, amazed and thrilled to be runner up and I feel it has really helped me to blossom! It was also such fun and I was really surprised by how lovely everyone was. I made some great friends. My mum says it has been a saving grace! (She says fast forward to today and I am now a confident, compassionate and beautiful (inside and out!) young lady and she says that she is very proud of me! (Thanks Mum!)) We have both been inspired by the lovely girls we met and like with my Volleyball, I felt part of a great team. I really enjoyed making the costumes for the Hawaiian and Vegas themed rounds using recycled materials. I am very into being creative and love art and drawing. It’s just a shame I can’t do Art as well as science too but I will always keep on making things! I am super excited about this my third Miss Diamond entry and I am practicing my walk and am growing my hair longer too! I’ll always be an outdoorsy, sporty tomboy, but who says we can’t have our time to shine!