Claire Julie Hart- Miss Curve Somerset

Hello, I’m Ms Claire Julie Hart, aged 57 years young and proud mum to my gorgeous daughter Amelia, who is aged 15 and is the reason I am here on this amazing journey of pageantry! I am a complete pageant beginner and this is the first competition like this I have ever entered and I am still rather in awe of all you lovely ladies who have gone before! I keep asking myself…”and I’m doing this why?” then I remember that actually it is going to be such fun. Plus I am going to meet some lovely people and also, perhaps more importantly, I am going to get my mojo back! I was born up north in Middlesbrough but moved down south decades ago and worked at The Milk Marketing Board, doing Brand Marketing. I am now living and loving life in sunny Somerset, in Iminster that is equi-distant between Yeovil and Taunton. I am a single Mum and just 5 years ago after Christmas, I found myself in a very stressful situation- no job, no husband and no home, with a 10 year old daughter who was in melt down as we’d lost everything that meant anything to us. I was bereft, bankrupt and frankly broken! Like you ladies, I am a strong person and just picked up the pieces and now I am in a much better place, but I won’t pretend it hasn’t been a struggle. Being a (much) larger lady, (which hasn’t been helped by the very recent death of my beloved father), I have long felt unattractive, frustrated and frankly almost inferior. I kept looking back to the days when I was horse riding, walking our dog and gardening and was a size 8! I still marvel in shock over the pair of jeans I kept that do not even fit Amelia (and yet I still thought I was fat then!) Go figure…! I realise that now is the time to stop hanging on to the baggage from my imperfect past life, be brave again and look forward with spirit! So now I am drawing a line in the sand and I am doing something good for myself. I want to channel my positivity and regain my self-esteem and put some fun back into my life. I was really surprised that there was a place for curvier older folks like me and I am just so excited about strutting my (lots of!) stuff in April. The team at Miss Diamond are super kind, motivational and welcoming and I love how they have allowed me to just be who I am and accept myself and look for the positives. I think pageants like this are empowering, inspiring and good fun. I work in PR (My own company is called Grassroots PR as it starts from the ground up!) and I hope to be able to help Tina and her team to spread the word and promote pageants in a positive way. See you all soon and remember- you are all gorgeous Gals! xx